12Hr Backlink Indexer service.

Use this Backlink indexer to index your backlinks in less than 12 hours. Since March2018, it’s been a constant battle to index backlinks into Google. We count at least 5 updates in 2018, major and minor, and google’s “Google Url Submitter” function has now been removed from use.

We are moving urlsubmitter to a new web based service. All exisiting users with accounts and balances can register on the new website. Once registered, send us your username via email, and then we will transfer over your remaining balance.

You can access it at http://backlink-indexer.com. This new service uses the same principle as urlsubmitter, so it achieves the same index rates. There is a trial here so you can check the service.

If you need to check if your backlinks are indexed, we have another service for this,  http://index-checker.com. Again a free trial available for this.

So what now for indexing backlinks. Well we now make available our new backlink submission service, and you can submit your backlinks to google much quicker now. Its compatible with all windows OS, windows 10, 8 and windows 7. Pricing is at the bottom of this page. With this new service, we normally see results within 12hrs of submission. Pricing starts at just $5.00 to submit 5000 URLS, so you can trial the service and check the results for yourself. You can now submit urls’s to google search engine for rapid indexing extremely quickly with this google link submitter.

It’s very simple to use,

  • Install the application, If you’re running on a VPS disable the extended Internet Explorer security first. Check this page how to do it.
  • Press “Get Api Key”, it will self license
  • Purchase the indexing/submission credits, if you just want to trial it, just purchase the $5.00 Dollars worth, enough to submit 5000 URLS. Checkout the results lower down the page.
  • Press “Index file list of URL’s”, and point to your list of URL’s to index.
  • It will then very quickly submit the urls to our sever, for submission, within seconds.
  • Note: If you move the application to another pc, you will need to re-license the app by pressing the “Get API Key”, but you can continue to use your original api key, after you relicense it.
  • Wait 12hrs, and check the results yourself. Results start to appear in as little as 4hrs.

Where’s the Google Url Submitter function gone?

We released the original google indexer application for windows, as a substitute for google’s own submit url to google and again google shut that particular method down. So we have now decided to turn the submitter into a service and restart a new indexing process, but this time protecting this new method of indexing. This is not a free backlink submitter but instead use this service as a replacement to the now dead google function.

Attracting the googlebot and indexing links into google is one thing, however keeping them indexed is another point. Last year 2018, saw a change in the way google crawls and indexes the links it finds. Links indexed into google can now and quite often, are thrown out a couple of days later. Why, who knows. I guess it’s because google doesn’t find the links attractive enough to stay indexed.

What about high DA (Domain Authority) you ask? It doesn’t make any difference even if the link comes from a High Authority website, google does not care about metrics. It’s only a MOZ metric don’t forget, not google’s metric. We tested 1000’s of links which get crawled, and we submitted high DA links, and guess what they got thrown out, while low DA links stay indexed. No matter which google submit url service you use, you will find this.

How about the types of links then, guess what, you guessed it, does not make a difference. We submitted 1000’s of profiles, forum entries, contextual’s. Makes no difference, it’s up to google what it retains in the index.

Quality of content, nope, no difference, google will retain duplicate content as well as unique articles.

So what’s this leading up to. Simple, you just need to produced more links, accept the fact that a lower percentage of links will get indexed. You need to adjust you’re link building with how google changes. What this does result in of course, is that more spam is now going to get built throughout the internet. Google’s removal of the ‘submission‘ function will result in more spam being built rather than less. Ironic, but killing this submission service facility results in the opposite of what google were trying to achieve.

So in view of the above we present some of the recent results of indexing using this service. Rather that say how good it is, look at the realistic results below.

We use GSA(Search Engine Ranker) , Ranker X, and money Robot to show where the best results will come from.

We are honest about the results, as you can see the testing below.

Gsa built Backlinks, what can you expect?

Ok, so to make things fair, we went to Fiverr.com and purchased 10,000 contextual backlinks. We did this so that we didn’t use our own domain list and bias the results. We gave a dummy url and let the seller use whatever articles he could find to build these backlinks. We took the first 1000 backlinks and indexed checked them, 10 were indexed, so we threw those away, and ended up with 990 links which we put through our new submission service. We checked the links were valid by checking the anchor text.

GSA Contextual test results:

6 hours after submission and 25% of the links were indexed. 24 hrs later and 27.8% were indexed. 48hrs later and we then find that it’s crept up to 47% of links are now indexed. Not bad for 2 days. 7 days later and it had dropped to 42%, this is now the behavior of google. Accept this and you will get you’re links indexed.

GSA Mixed forum, contextual, profiles, all types test results:

So we took 270 links from GSA built on all platforms, forums profiles, contextual, all types that GSA builds on.

GSA Mixed Results.

4 hours later we had 15 % indexed, 12 hrs later we had close to 31% indexed. 2 days later we had  35.7% of links indexed.

RankerX Links.

We built 240 links on the RankerX platform. 5hrs later we had 17% of the links indexed. 12hrs later 23% were indexed. 24hrs later had close to 28% of the links indexed.

Money Robot Links.

We don’t use money robot as a backlink builder, but we thought we download the demo and try it. With the web 2.0 blogs, it seems to only build on its own blogs in demo mode as below.

Maybe if we built on different web 2.0 such as Redriff, 500px etc we make have had more success indexing these links. Anyway we present the results below.

Not very good. I think what this now proves is that google not be indexing links from various fixed domains. We are not saying that Money Robot is good or bad, but merely pointing out that if you build links on lots of different domains, you will probably get better results. I dont think google’s own google submit url would do any better!!

Why is google not indexing my links, why are they being dropped from the index days later?

Have you noticed this behavior recently? Look at the below profile link. Ask yourself the question, what possible value would google have in indexing this backlink?

All this profile link contains is a backlink to a website, no value to google whatsoever! Google indexes a lot of links initially, and then decides later if the link is worthwhile keeping in its index. This is why lots of links are dropped days later.

However if you produce a User Profile like the one above with more content on it, it stays in the index.

If you want to win at the SEO game, you need to adapt you’re link building to the way google wants to play. In our view the only way that you can index as many links as before, is to build more links than before, index them, and then check to see what is remaining in the index. For this purpose we offer the following.

Our service will index the majority of links within 12hrs, but it does vary. Pricing is per url for submission, not indexing. We offer very competitive rates of the following:

Here you can purchase index credits in $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 and $40.00 dollars.

For the below purchase you will get,

$5.00 will allow submission of  5000  URLS.

$10.00 will allow submission of  10,000  URLS.

$20.00 will allow submission of  30,000  URLS.

$40.00 will allow submission of  60,000  URLS.

Payment is through PayPal. We now use PayPal IPN for instant payment. Balances are normally topped up within 5 minutes of making a purchase.

Simply enter your api key, and email address, choose the how much you would like to pay, and complete the purchase.

Below is the Virus Total report of the software.

No engines detected this file
SHA-256 49a908d01f0cd22dccf606ffd49c709b4f8560eac53d155f373a978f9e4eed35
File name urlsubmitter.exe
File size 8.49 MB
Last analysis 2019-01-06 21:08:02 UTC

When installing the application, simply press then “Get Api Key” to licence and retrieve an api key. If you move the app to another pc, you must still press the “Get Api Key” to re-license the app on another pc, and then use your current api key.

Use this google url submitter service for quicker indexing

If you have any problems, email us.


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