Submission test results.

Latest Tests of the Submitter below.

Here I will update the test results that I perform with the Url Submitter. These are raw actual results, not made up from years ago, but todays results.

This mornings test 10-04-18 of the submitter at work. I used 2capcha and ran through the urls 2 times. I post the results here below. You can check the date and time in the screen capture. Took about an hour to index.

Approx 1hr later, 9 indexed at 07:19am in the morning.

I checked again to at 12:25 and see the result below, 16 indexed out of 21 links. Good result today on the 10-04-18.


Latest test today 12th April 2018 below

Approx 15 minutes later 35 out of 44 links indexed. Good result today.



Latest test today of GSA SER Links below. 29th-30th April 2018,

This test is with 21 links built by GSA SER. We ran them through the submitter sunday night, then checked them monday morning, 21 out of 21 links indexed. See below. We ran them through the submitter 2 times.

Will the submitter index everything? No it won’t. Google chooses what it will index, this application merely submits the links. We test with GSA SER as it can build on any domains, and we consider it to be a fair test.

So I checked again on Monday lunchtime and we had 15 links out of 21 indexed. See below.