Help and how to use.

Download and Purchase.

Make sure the app is licenced. If you don’t have a licence, then download and install first. Press buy and generate the KEYCODE. Copy it, and then go to the purchase page, purchase the product, and at the same time, send us the KEYCODE.

Screenshot, how to buy below.

How to index links.

Using the submitter is easy, just 1 command button to use. Press the Index List URL button, and then browse and select a list of URLs in an ordinary text file. The URLs should be just plain http links.

An example of URLS ready to index.

As soon as the text file is selected, the indexing procedure will begin. The indexer will split the text file into batches, and can index up to 100 urls at a time. It will continue until the list is finished.

Checking Indexed Links.

Use the command examples below to see if your links have indexed.

  2. info:
  4. site:

Links Velocity.

As we said the indexer has no restrictions, so it’s down to you how many links you index. Its also your responsibility to keep control of the links you index.

Remember, if you index too many links for a new website, your rankings could go down, because the link velocity is to high. This is no fault of the indexer, its your responsibility. As an SEO, you should know this. If in doubt, index them a few at a time.

Can I index the same links more than once?

Yes you can. If you find the indexing rates are low, or not indexing then try again. But leave at least 1hr in between attempts.

Testing Index rates.

Test 1, below, 68% this test, 13 out of 19 links indexed within 2 hours on the 9th Mar 2018.


Test 2, of 20 links on 18th Mar 2018 below at 8.00pm.

Before indexing at 8.00pm’ Links are general GSA links.

Result below, 75% this test, 15 out of 20 links indexed on the 18th-19th Mar 2018 overnight.

Test 3 below, started indexing 20 links at 14.40 on the 19th Mar 2018, at 15.00 7 links had already indexed.

Approx 1.30hrs later, at 16.00, 16 out of 20 links are indexed. This is a real result. Thats 80% index rate.

Results can be mixed. Its just up to google on what they decide to index.

What if my links don’t index?

Simple, give it an hour and try re-indexing them again. It does work, but you may have to try 2 or 3 times sometimes.