MoneyRobot Testing of links

Tests of MoneyRobot backlinks.

Here I thought I would show the mix results of money robot links. You get varied results, check out the below. I have obscured the sub domains as these are in use backlinks. 1st image,  I ran them through the indexer with 1 run, they indexed no problem. The 2nd image, big difference in results on the blogs moneyrobot uses. What could determine if the index?, who knows apart from google. Content maybe, amongst other factors. Have a look for yourself.

Test links created with MoneyRobot below as comparison.

Maybe another run through will index the blogs better?

So we then checked on the 15th may 2018 links from 58-101 and saw this result below.

Now we have a total of 56 out of 101 links indexed. Google’s taking its time on this one.