Google URL submit function no longer for use.

As of 8th march 2018, the well known, and well used “google url submit” tool came to an end. It’s still there if you log in to it, but appears to no longer to work for anyone. It goes through the motions of taking your url and submitting etc, but the url does not appear in the index. The google url submit tool not working, now becomes fact. Google Url Submitter is now a service, please click here for the service

This as you can imagine, comes as major downfall for SEO’s losing the submit url to google function. Those that are trying to promote websites, be it either Whitehat or Blackhat, this puts an end to instant indexing. Various indexing services have been stopped as a result of this, and the 1000’s of URLS that website promoters need to get into googles index, now sit idle.

Google url submit not working!!

In response to this, we have made available our new submission service. This windows application which runs on windows 7,8 and the newer windows 10, will submit to google, backlinks in a different way, than using the google submit tool. Index rates are variable, with anything upto 50%, and the average being around 60%. You can see the test results on the help and how to use page.

The Google Backlink Url Submitter submission service is a very simple tool to use. Once it is licenced, you merely click on the one button ‘Index List Urls’, a browser opens, you select the text file of URL’s that you want to index, and the indexer does it’s job. It will run through and display the urls while it’s submitting them for indexing.

The new Google Backlink Url Submitter has no limit to how many backlinks it will index, and can do the job of the submit a url to google function easily. Put as little, or as many backlinks through it. If you’re building 1000’s of backlinks with a product like GSA SER, or one of the cloud based products like FCS networker or RankerX, you will still need a way to index the backlinks you build. We all know that if the backlinks are not indexed in google, then they become a waste of time.

Pricing of Google Backlink Url Submission service is reasonable, and when compared to other indexing services which carry a monthly subscription, is cheap in comparison. The lowest amount you can purchase is $5.00 which will submit 5000 urls.

Google Url Submitter is now a service, please click here for the service

When you purchase a licence, it is only valid on the computer it was purchased on. You cannot transfer the licence, and there are no refunds, as we have given you the opportunity of trying the software first.

Explanation of the Submit a url to google Function.

Seo professionals, who were using this, submit a url to google function for indexing of their urls,  will face the heat as they are presently left without a different alternative other than looking forward to their backlinks to be crawled through Google naturally.

The submission of URLs was possible even for users who didn’t sign in with the url submit function. it’s far viable that Google detected site owners the usage of the provider for including bulk URLs for indexing, that could have precipitated them to discontinue it.

The submit function was added by google in 2008 and later introduced it to its conventional Webmaster Account in 2012 and with some minor design modifications. when you consider that then, the feature became part of Google site owners and later the quest Console.

The elimination of the ‘submit URL function’ from the Google console has produced a global impact. The page now displays a message of ‘publish a sitemap for inspection’

With the elimination of Google’s free URL submission tool, webmasters will now need to use “Fetch as the Google” choice inside the search Console, to make indexing faster. This modern pass of the quest engine large has another time pressured the importance of having sitemaps.

Over the previous few months, site owners had been noticing Google being fussy to index URLs that were submitted through the public google URL submit tool. With this assertion that changed into made on Wednesday, it seems like the strategic circulate to kill off the tool, that has allowed users to publish URLs without signing in to search console, was nicely concept out.

Earlier, John Mueller, the Senior Webmaster trends Analyst – Google, had stated that the URL post device need no longer be used in case your content material is well written with brought fee, at some stage in certainly one of his webmaster sessions. He additionally identified some situations wherein the device may come to be on hand for site owners.

For a content to appear on Google search, it has to go through the submit url to google process. No, no longer actual spiders, but a application called spider. The spider will begin with a hyperlink, it’s going to then crawl via the content material. if they see every other hyperlink within the content material, they’ll move slowly it too, and the process repeats.

Crawled contents, or internet pages, are then stored in Google’s index. when a user made a query, solutions are pulled from the index.

So so as for your content material to reveal on Google seek, you have to first make sure your internet site is crawlable, the Google crawler is referred to as Googlebot. Then you have to ensure it’s indexed efficaciously through the indexer that is referred to as caffeine. Then best will you see your content material acting on Google seek.

Right here’s the aspect, how do you take a look at from Google for precisely whether or no longer they have got listed your content material? nicely, you can’t. like any matters in seo, the following first-rate strategy you may do is analyze and supply it your fine bet.

Google seek will provide you with a listing of all indexed internet pages out of your area. However, as Matt Cutts once stated, internet pages that are not crawled CAN appear on Google search as nicely. well, that’s any other subject matter for every other day.

How to submit a url to google?

Submission of digital content with submit url to google.

We wish you Happy Indexing.