Google Link Submitter

Use this google link submitter to index your backlinks.

Google Url Submitter is changing, look out for the update in December 2018. If you still need to index your backlinks into google, and you’re stuck for a solution, try the new Google Backlink Submitter for windows, download it here now.  Indexing links is so easy with this google link submitter app. Just simply load the urls, and it will do the rest for you.

Recently the big G search engine made changes and stopped indexing backlinks using it’s google indexing tool. This affected a huge amount of people that are doing SEO, and website promotion. If your backlinks are not being indexed, then your website will not climb the SERPS. All of your work is wasted and it’s time to get out of the SEO game. Whether you use a free backlinks submitter or url submission sites, submitting sites to google is still very much essential.

“Use this google link submitter and see your backlinks index quicker.”

The search engine is always changing the way it does things. Algorithm up-dates, spam filters, de-indexing, means that as SEO’s we have to continually find new ways of climbing the SERPS.

Indexing backlinks into the big G is vital to any ones website success, and if they are not indexing, it means no progress. Submission of URL’s and links is vital to the success of websites.

Well like you, I promote websites and it really hurts when my links don’t index. So I have decided to release a new indexer which currently works.

“If you’re links are not indexed, you may as well forget building them in the first place”

Does it actually work? Try the free trial, click here  We now give you the chance to put 200 urls through the submitter free. We have changed from the 24hr trial to 200 links trial as it gives you more time to test. When testing, put as many varied links and domains through it, not just 20 links from the same domain.

  1. First download and install the software,
  2. Click ‘Buy Licence’, which will generate a key code.
  3. Copy the keycode and fill out the following licence form and submit it to me.
  4. Click for a free 200 Url Backlink trial here.

It’s as simple as that.

“With all new purchases, we now include 30 days use of our own capcha key. Great for testing and personal use.”

Whats the percentage of links being indexed by this indexer? Well on the 9th Mar 2018, I built some links by using GSA SER. The first test involved various types of links, such as profiles, K2’s, the usual links that GSA builds. Out of a batch of 19 links 13 links indexed within the hour. That’s about 68%. It varies a lot, test it.

Questions below;

  1. Are there any limitations of the application. There are no limitations at all. Index as many links as you want.
  2. What types of links can it index. The indexer can index all types of links, it makes no difference on the type.
  3. Do I need CAPTCHA’S. We now include the use of 2Caphcha for better submission rate. Without the use of 2capcha, urls are only submitted to 50% of the websites.
  4. With all new purchases, including the 200 url trial, our include our very own DIGISOFT CAPCHA KEY, for 30 days. It has a maximum of 500 capcha’s per day. Great for testing and personel use.
  5. Do I need PROXIES. No proxies are required for the current version, however proxy support is being added to increase indexing capacity.
  6. Windows 7,8 and 10 compatible.
  7. Can I run more than 1 copy on the same computer? No, only 1 instance can be ran.
  8. Is the indexer fast? The indexer runs in batches of 200 links, so it’s best suited to smaller quantities of links rather huge amounts of links. However you can run the indexer 24/7, no problem.

Click here for a free 200 url link trial here

Download the free trial, test it out for yourself. But when you do, try it with many different types of links. If you find it does not work, email me, and I will try and figure out why.

Its extremely simple to use, give it a list of URL’s in a text file, by pressing the ‘Index List URL’s’ button. Browse to the text file, and let the Indexer will do the rest. Indexing normally takes about and hour. You can check if they are indexed by using the ‘site:’ command or using ‘info:’ command. If you are unsure, try both. Check out the help page for help and results of testing.

Indexing rate below 68% this test, 13 out of 19 links indexed within 1 hour.

Disclaimer: Don’t forget, click here for a free 200 url trial to test it out, before you decide to buy. If you do buy, there are no refunds, this is why we give you a free trial. If google changes yet again the way it indexes the links in the future, and the indexer stops working, we cannot be responsible for that. All we can say is that the indexer is working at the moment, and may work for years to come. Try it. If it stops working because of Goole, we will do our best, but all SEO’s know that google changes the rules all the time. Is this safe for urls? This is a URL submitter and google wants to do things it’s own way. Although I have not had any bad results with it, don’t forget google are always changing the way it does things, so it’s your responsibility to make sure you submit at a reasonable rate and use it safely.

If you wish to purchase an unlimited licence at $75.00 Dollars, click the buy now button. 

When purchasing the application, you must download it and install first. Then click the buy button and then copy the KEYCODE it generates. You will need to send this to us, so we can generate a licence for you.

When you have received your license back from us, click the UNLOCK APP button and paste the returned license into the same empty box and press validate.

The application is then fully licensed. If you have any problems, click here to contact us, and we will correct the problem.

Digisoft Capcha Credits.

If you wish to purchase Digisoft capcha credits, click here.

Happy Indexing.